Being The Best Thing You Can Be – You

What Does It Mean To Be You?




Who are you? This is a question that most of us don’t ask ourselves very often. I don’t mean just the obvious descriptive terms used to identify us physically. I am shortish, have brown hair with some relatively new gray highlights I’ve yet to fully integrate into my life, and light brown eyes that get bloodshot when I fall asleep wearing my contacts. Nor do I mean the things we might put in a dating profile. I’m a good dancer, an avid reader, and a prolific collector of house plants.




Let’s get deep. 



Who are you on a deeper level? That level that truly defines you and drives you every day. What are your dreams? Are you living a life that will help make those dreams a reality? If you need a little help figuring out how to define yourself beyond liking long walks on the beach, here are a few questions to start that inner dialogue:




  • What inspires you?


  • What is your ideal day?


  • What are you most proud of?


  • What qualities do you admire in others?


  • What do you want your life to be in one year? Five years? Ten years?


  • What two actions can you take, or what two decisions can you make, that will bring you closer to who you want to become? To living the life you deeply desire?



Today, I’m asking you to think about yourself. So often we’re focused on admiring and appreciating other people, and today I want you to spend a few minutes on much needed and deserved self-reflection. It’s time to figure out why being you is the very best thing you can be. 



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