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Natalie’s one-on-one executive coaching is for high performance professionals looking to advance further, faster, and lead their lives with more confidence and clarity.

Executive Development

For high performing women in leadership, hiring an executive coach provides dramatic, positive results. Natalie works with her clients to quickly discover and refine their distinct executive leadership style, ensuring increased confidence in decision-making, strategic thinking, self-awareness, and more.


Career Success

Natalie provides her clients with unbiased guidance and accountability to help clarify goals, develop strategic plans, and take action regarding their present and future professional lives. Together, Natalie and her clients tackle issues such as team leadership, career changes, promotions, negotiations, executive resumes, interview skills, executive presence, mindset, LinkedIn profile revisions, personal branding, and more.


Leadership Communication

Today’s best leaders are experts in navigating potentially difficult conversations. Natalie guides her clients in embracing the mindset and strategy needed to embody courageous, authentic leadership, including handling emotionally charged, high stakes, or uncomfortable situations with composure and authenticity.


What You Get

  • – A partner who understands your personal and professional goals, and has the skills and experience to help you achieve them
  • – Strategic, personalized guidance from Natalie using evidence-based techniques
  • – One-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom
  • – Follow up notes and video recording of each session
  • – Resume/document review and assistance
  • – Options, with cost of investment ranging from $500 USD to $13,000 USD

What Natalie’s clients say

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